SHUN ART AND DESIGN | アートギャラリー・シュン

In Tandem with Design Shanghai 2015, Shun Art Gallery invited Genereight’s principal and design craftman Charles Tsunashima to an artist talk with Korean designer Cleo Kim, Chinese artist designer Xinru Gong and Chinese artist Wang Qing on the relationship of Art and Design. One memorable comment was “Art poses problems while Design solves them” adding to this ever growing Love and Hate discussion.

An exhibition of our work in collaboration with Cleo Kim and Hitomi Uchikura is being held from April 1st 2015.

Shun Art Gallery is part of China’s avant-garde art complex M50 based in Shanghai and has represented artists such as Yoyoi Kusama, Murakami Takashi, Mikuo Konoki, Sun Liang, Bon-A Koo, and Koen SEGERS.

DESIGN SHANGHAI 2015 | デザイン上海2015

Shun Art Gallery invited us to showcase “Daruma” and “Za” at Design Shanghai 2015March 27th~30th alongside Korean designer Cleo Kim’s mix of traditional Korean shelving with hi-tech patented polarized laminates. We were sensibly juxtaposed with 3 other Japanese artists: Hitomi Uchikura with her serene paper relief master pieces, the vibrant dimensions of Emi Uchida and the literal POP objects of Yuki Matsueda .

The city of Shanghai awarded with the seventh “city of design” by UNESCO boasted it’s second international flagship branding event Design Shanghai 2015 . It is China’s premier interior design event, featuring the finest international design houses from classics to contemporary designs, limited editions to collectibles. The venue showcased over 250 exhibitors and attracted over 60,000 visitors over the 4 day event.

SHIFT genereight interview | シフト ジェネレート インタビュー

SHIFT | シフト

We have been featured in SHIFT magazine! Please follow this link to read the interview on SHIFT. Thank you Antoine for a terrific interview!

genereight xibit 2013 | ジェネレート 個展 2013

Thank you to everyone that took the time to visit us at playroom Shibuya. Here is a little photo recap of the exhibit. Please feel free to contact me should you have any inquiries at

genereight PV | ジェネレート PV

genereight had the immense pleasure of collaborating with nomaDrive. Here is the promotional video created for our first exhibition Dec. 2013. There are no words to describe our gratitude nor our appreciation for the talent, time, effort and professionalism of nomaDrive’s Kenji Itagaki.

genereight@playroom | ジェネレート@プレイルーム

DRAWING EXCUSES | ドローイングエクスキューズ

genereight had the pleasure and priviledge to collaborate with artist Ray HORACEK with an installation of DARUMA for his private opening and exhibit. More information on his exhibit at Midori So in Aobadai, Tokyo, below.

ray horacek presents


in recent years the explosion of generative computer artwork has fundamentally changed our visual landscape, but the lack of a human craft element has left the majority of these artworks cold and unapproachable. this series flips the computer algorithmic approach by using a human as the executioner of the algorithms. as algorithms are the engine that drives natural and physical processes, these crafted algorithms provide a key to tap into an innate natural aesthetic that isn't possible by simply drawing pictures of things in nature which are merely the final product of uncountable algorithmic processes.

exhibition hours: 2013/9/8-13 12:00-20:00

at 3-3-11 aobadai, meguro-ku, tokyo