genereight | ジェネレート

genereight is the title for the collective work of Charles Tsunashima, principal and director of genereight's operations. The name “genereight” is a play on words between the word generate (to create) and the number eight (8, symbol for infinity), and represent our aspiration to limitless creativity.

Design perspective: Simplicity, consistency, integrity are at the heart of my approach.

Simplicity: Simple solutions, as easy and obvious as they may seem, are the results of continuous curiosity and research, trial and error, chiseling down to the essentials and critical yet sensible decision making. We aspire to continue to be the student of such discipline.

Consistency: This is the motivation behind the developement of processes that deliver and maintain quality and authenticity through the emphasis of material quality, sound structure and appropriate method of fabrication.

Integrity: from concept to craft, sketch to finish, from introduction to delivery, integrity is the common thread that ties the above approach.

We pursue innovative, environmentally conscious, timeless designs bridging generations while addressing the influence of art, craft and design on people’s living, bringing them comfort, definition and happiness.

Genereight Inc.


ジェネレートとは、英語の generate・〜発想〜 と、無限を表す数字の8の語呂合わせで、無限に発想する物作りとデザインの趣旨を表わしています。






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