DRAWING EXCUSES | ドローイングエクスキューズ

genereight had the pleasure and priviledge to collaborate with artist Ray HORACEK with an installation of DARUMA for his private opening and exhibit. More information on his exhibit at Midori So in Aobadai, Tokyo, below.

ray horacek presents


in recent years the explosion of generative computer artwork has fundamentally changed our visual landscape, but the lack of a human craft element has left the majority of these artworks cold and unapproachable. this series flips the computer algorithmic approach by using a human as the executioner of the algorithms. as algorithms are the engine that drives natural and physical processes, these crafted algorithms provide a key to tap into an innate natural aesthetic that isn't possible by simply drawing pictures of things in nature which are merely the final product of uncountable algorithmic processes.

exhibition hours: 2013/9/8-13 12:00-20:00

at http://www.midori.so 3-3-11 aobadai, meguro-ku, tokyo