ZA | 座

material : bamboo, rattan
color : natural , medium
finish : oil, polyurethane, wax
designer craftsman : Charles Tsunashima
Made to order. Price on request.

材質 : 竹、籐
カラー : ナチュラル、ミディアム
仕上げ : オイル、ウレタン、ワックス
デザイナー職人 : 綱島 チャールズ
個別受注生産  プライス・オン・リクエスト

"ZA", is a bilingual pun between the English, definite article - "the" and the Japanese word "ZA" - seat.

Designed with simplicity and subtlety to render unique and timeless qualities. The structure is of bamboo, a material that is one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth that reaches optimal maturity in significantly less time than its hardwood counterpart (6 years vs. 15 years for the fastest growing softwood)

As referred by La Fontaine's poem "Le Chêne et le Roseau" loosely translated as "The oak and the bamboo" - In the storm...the oak held strong; the bamboo bent. The wind redoubled his efforts so that finally "the oak" uprooted... Bamboo has up to three times the tensile strength of Oak, allowing for a lightweight and illusively delicate design.

The structural joinery used are double wedged tenons, in Japanese "Jigoku Hozo" "hell joint" as in "once in, it never comes out". With a name as such I can but be affirmative of the structural integrity of this piece.

Fabricated with a bent lamination process to drastically reduce waste, ZA is a sensible solution to our growing concern over our environment.

The hand woven seat is made of Rattan, another sustainable material that naturally has excellent elastic properties and thus providing comfort in use.

Finished with natural oils and wax to emphasis the beauty of the material and give a soft appearance, ZA is available in two tones, Natural or Medium.