DESIGN SHANGHAI 2015 | デザイン上海2015

Shun Art Gallery invited us to showcase “Daruma” and “Za” at Design Shanghai 2015March 27th~30th alongside Korean designer Cleo Kim’s mix of traditional Korean shelving with hi-tech patented polarized laminates. We were sensibly juxtaposed with 3 other Japanese artists: Hitomi Uchikura with her serene paper relief master pieces, the vibrant dimensions of Emi Uchida and the literal POP objects of Yuki Matsueda .

The city of Shanghai awarded with the seventh “city of design” by UNESCO boasted it’s second international flagship branding event Design Shanghai 2015 . It is China’s premier interior design event, featuring the finest international design houses from classics to contemporary designs, limited editions to collectibles. The venue showcased over 250 exhibitors and attracted over 60,000 visitors over the 4 day event.