SHUN ART AND DESIGN | アートギャラリー・シュン

In Tandem with Design Shanghai 2015, Shun Art Gallery invited Genereight’s principal and design craftman Charles Tsunashima to an artist talk with Korean designer Cleo Kim, Chinese artist designer Xinru Gong and Chinese artist Wang Qing on the relationship of Art and Design. One memorable comment was “Art poses problems while Design solves them” adding to this ever growing Love and Hate discussion.

An exhibition of our work in collaboration with Cleo Kim and Hitomi Uchikura is being held from April 1st 2015.

Shun Art Gallery is part of China’s avant-garde art complex M50 based in Shanghai and has represented artists such as Yoyoi Kusama, Murakami Takashi, Mikuo Konoki, Sun Liang, Bon-A Koo, and Koen SEGERS.