material : bamboo
color : natural, medium
finish : oil, polyurethane, wax
designer craftsman : Charles Tsunashima
Made to order. Price on request.

材質 :
カラー : ナチュラル、 ミディアム
仕上げ : オイル、ウレタン、ワックス
デザイナー職人 : 綱島 チャールズ
個別受注生産  プライス・オン・リクエスト

MIKADO borrows its name after the European game Mikado because of the resemblance to the table legs' seemingly asymmetrical and random geometry.

The leg design is a direct result of a study between triangulation and truss structure. This gives the ability to use less material while retaining stability allowing for an efficient and light weight solution.

MIKADO's top is composed of 2 elements; The main surface, made of tempered glass, is designed to emphasizing the unique geometry of the leg structure. The trim is composed of laminated spirals to deliver a seamless circular border detailed with a beveled edge.

This table comfortably serves 2 as a tea table or as a cantilevered table over a sofa or chaise longue. It is available in two tones, Natural or Medium.