O2 | 众2

material : bamboo, tempered glass
color : natural. medium
finish : oil, polyurethane, wax
designer craftsman : Charles Tsunashima
Made to order. Price on request.

材質 : 竹、強化ガラス
カラー : ナチュラル、 ミディアム
仕上げ : オイル、ウレタン、ワックス
デザイナー職人 : 綱島 チャールズ
個別受注生産  プライス・オン・リクエスト

Three is a crowd, the character “O2” depicts 3 people and signify a gathering or a crowd. It is the title for this coffee table both for it’s meaning as the function of a coffee table is for gatherings and also for the character’s resemblance to the bamboo structure.

Historically the coffee table was originally an inspiration from the Japanese low dining table “Chabudai” and appeared in Europe first in the 1800s during the Japonisme influence.

This design uses the tensile strength and flexibility of bamboo and strength and safety of tempered glass. The legs are designed in a scissor like shape to grab the glass shelf and the more weight the tabletop takes, the sturdier the entire table becomes. Extremely strong yet illusively light, “O2” can be placed in smaller apartments or ample living rooms and takes away the visual cluster of more traditional designs.

Finished in natural oils and wax “O2” is available in two sizes and two tones, Natural or Medium.